About DiaSecure ®

DiaSecure® is a division in Lipidica AB, which is a Swedish company, specialized in marketing and sales. The company also develops sophisticated medical technical products. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and trace our roots back to 1988.

The staff has many years of experience when it comes to treatment of diabetes and has now intensified the company’s strategy for development, marketing and sales of products, mainly when it comes to managing and thus drastically improving the life of people and animals diagnosed with diabetes.

We are proud to present DiaSecure® – unique on the global market.

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The now launched product system is simple, cheap and safe, used for new (unused) as well as for used hypodermic needles in addition to medicine pills. The system is used for managing your daily insulin and medicine pill needs when leaving your home, hotel room, etc, without risking to forget the hypodermic needles, taking care of the used hypodermic needles, safeguarding the right amount of needles and pills are with you and making sure the used needles does not come into the wrong hands.

Today, it is difficult and cumbersome for insulin dependent diabetics and owners to pets with diabetes to bring the needed amount of hypodermic needles, take safe care of the used needles as well as bring insulin, when leaving the home for other places. Such places could, for example, be restaurants, air planes, various lunch and dinner engagements.

DiaSecure® drastically simplifies the life of the diabetics by enabling these critical factors and at the same time making the diabetics hands free.

Without having the appropriate amount of needles, the situation can be severe when not having the ability to take insulin, for example in connection with meals. Furthermore, it has shown, time and again, that taking care of the used needles is not simple, taken into account various health risks, such as, for instance, contamination as the needles can end up in the wrong hands, such as with drug addicts.

Furthermore, with consideration taken to staff at restaurants, airplanes, trains, etc, it is of extraordinary importance not to leave the used needles behind as the staff more often than seldom, is reluctant to take care of the used needles.

A big portion of the diabetics taking insulin are also often dependent on various medicine pills.

Be Secured with DiaSecure®

DiaSecure® has taken care of this complex problem completely.

DiaSecure® simplifies, increases the flexibility for diabetics – parents, children & pet owners – by safeguarding that new hypodermic needles and medicine pills always are brought, for the proper amount of times you have to take insulin out of your home, independent of whether it is for a shorter while or for several days/weeks. With DiaSecure® you can also manage to see how many shots of insulin you have administrated on a daily basis.

DiaSecure® also increases the security and protects the environment by secure containment of the used needles, eliminating health risks, such as blood contamination, to mention one important area.

DiaSecure® makes sure that you, your fellow citizen and the environment are safe, free and flexible through all the moments of administering your diabetes – hands free.

DiaSecure® is protected by international law and has state-of-the art Swedish design and engineering. In addition, it is manufactured in Sweden.