Media Gallery

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1. DiaSecure – With Pen Attached

DiaSecure - With Pen Attached

2. DiaSecure – With Neckstrap (Useful for e.g. Minors and the Elderly)

DiaSecure - With Neckstrap

3. DiaSecure – Retail Pack

DiaSecure - Retail Pack

4. DiaSecure® compartments for new and used needles.

DiaSecure(r) compartments for new and used needles

5. Compartment for oral medicine.

Compartment for oral medicine

6. DiaSecure® with needle compartment lids open.

DiaSecure with needle compartment lids open

7. Diasecure® – Pen attached, from the side.

Pen attached, from the side

8. Diasecure® – Lid open, from below.

Lid open, from below

9. Diasecure® – With belt clip.

With belt clip

10. DiaSecure® in pocket.

DiaSecure in pocket

11. DiaSecure® Instructions