Article about DiaSecure® in Swedish Pharmacy Magazine

One of the largest pharmacy retail chains in Sweden, Kronans Droghandel, recently brought an article about DiaSecure®. The article tells about how Charles Ruben, Founder and inventor, got tired of always having to look for diabetes management equipment when leaving the home. He therefore invented DiaSecure®, which is now sold all over the world.

Interview with the DiaSecure® Founder in Major Swedish Weekly Newspaper

- In the start, I just thought I’d develop a unit for my own, personal use. Now I get some 80 to 100 emails each day and have 4 employees part-time, Charlie says and concludes: – The purpose with it isn’t for it to be great looking; it’s about helping people that are ill. Every so often I get phone calls from people who want to thank me. That’s the best sign for me that I have done something right.

Impressive Sales Expansion

Since recent launch, DiaSecure® is experiencing an impressive sales expansion.

The product is already now sold in more than 20 markets globally.

The most recent markets added are Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, United States & Canada.

Additional European markets are under [...]