Q: How many hypodermic needles can I place in one DiaSecure®?
A: Up to 10.

Q: How can I be made hands-free?
A: By using the clips, to any pocket, belt or other place.

Q: How much does DiaSecure® weigh?
A: Approximately 40 grams, empty.

Q: How many normal sized medicine pills can I store in DiaSecure®?
A: Up to 12 pills, depending on the size.

Q: Does various brands of insulin pens fit DiaSecure®?
A: Yes, the most common brands fits perfectly well.

Q: What are the main risks with reuse of needles?
There are several risks. Read more here.

Q: Can I assess how many insulin shots I have taken during a day?
A: Yes, with proper handling of DiaSecure®, you can.

Q: Can I use DiaSecure® for my dog which is sick with diabetes?
A: Absolutely, and the system can be attached to the leash you have for your dog.